Alexia Coakley
(242) 502-6500

Alexia Coakley currently serves as Media Operations Manager / Station Manager at Cable Bahamas, specifically the highly rated OurTV. In this capacity she contributed to the creation, development and execution of this channel that would serve as part of Cable Bahamas’ broader mandate to provide quality local programming as part of its product offering.

She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with emphasis on International Business from The University of Miami. She also obtained a Certificate in Management Studies from the University of Miami. Prior to this she graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts degree – dual major – Communication and Marketing. At the onset of her tertiary studies she went after, and obtained, an Associate of Science degree in Commercial Art and Digital Design from Tampa Technical Institute.

Raised to value civic contribution as a means of building her community and giving back, Ms. Coakley has served and continues to serve in a number of clubs and organizations which provide service to the community.

She is the daughter of the Alva Stewart-Coakley and the late A. Bismark Coakley, former Arawak Homes Ltd. president and director of Sunshine Holdings Limited.