Privacy Policy

Sunshine Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, Sunshine Insurance Limited, Sunshine Finance Limited, Gateway Financial Limited, Arawak Homes Limited, Jacks Bay Limited, FOCOL Holdings, Luxury Homes and Royal Star Assurance, respect the right to privacy of our customers and every individual who visits this website or is otherwise engaged in business with a member of the SHL Group. Our commitment to maintaining privacy is supported by the following policies: We do not sell client information nor do we share customer information with any entity doing business on our behalf for the use of their own marketing purposes. We do not share clients’ personal history or other information with any individual or company unless: (a) we have their written authorization. (b) It is permitted or required by law. (c) Their contract with us permits us to do so. Past and prospective clients are protected in the same manner as existing clients with respect to the use of personal information. For more information, concerns and inquiries concerning the privacy of information please call our office at 242-502-6500.